Indie Bloops and Bleeps: Mixtape Love: Memory Tapes "The Autumn Reel"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mixtape Love: Memory Tapes "The Autumn Reel"

Sounding a bit cheap, unready and on the brink of kitsch - that is the way to my heart. And some bleeps, of course. Dayve Hawk aka Memory Tapes has it all, so I am glad is back with his new album "Grace/Confusion" on December 4th on Carpark. The pre-released 9 mins single Sheila is a great, sometimes louder piece, though a bit too direct and obvious in the way Memory Tapes last LP was too at times. But that only adds to the (good) cheesiness, I guess.

Whats even better is the mixtape he has put out on GvB now, called "The Autumn Reel". Starting out like an 80ies pop theme á la Pet Shop Boys/New Order, it soon delves into slower and deeper territory, obscuring the way and challenging the listener. It consists of only original rarities and b-sides and is a very rewarding repeated listen to daydream to. It opens up quite slowly, but stays with you. I am hooked again and hoping for more non-streamlined material on the LP.

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