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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mixtape Love: Poolside "Seasons Change"

The L.A. "daytime disco" duo Poolside have been a very seasonal act. Their smooth Pacific Standard Time LP from this summer was full of balearic tunes you could perfectly listen to while lounging, well, poolside, but it was nothing I could imagine playing "fireside". So I was a little worried that they could be limited to this special time and place forever. They themselves were aware of those limitations, it seems, because today they put all concerns at rest by releasing a mix full of music for this fall/winter.

And what can I say? It turned out great. It is an hour of slow and warm house/disco remixes and one or two originals, if I am not mistaken. The tracklist isn't posted yet, but songs by Black Sabbath and Underworld have already been identified. The mix evokes a overall melancholic mood, reminding of a summer gone - but so did the LP too, even before the summer was really over. This effect is enforced by the few "tropical" synths they snuck in here and there, but else they changed the style quite nicely to fit the "seasons change". It closes nicely on Steve Reich's "Music for 18 Musicians", letting you slip away very gently. Download for free and enjoy.

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