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Monday, December 3, 2012

Talented: Mensa Group International/luxury elite / Red Army / Eaves

This months talented music submissions are all in a nostalgic lo-fi jazz mood, just in time to curl up in bed while the cold is held outside. And the good thing is, the tracks presented below are from albums that are free, pay what you want or do cost only one buck, plus you can tell your friend that you knew them first. The records are all out for some weeks now, be reason being that I like to give all submissions multiple listens over time to see what really sticks.

Mensa Group International and luxury elite are two vaporwave acts that released a split EP last month, and as far as vaporwave records go, the two parts of this EP are pretty consistent and thematically framed. The Mensa Group International part is creating something called an "Atlas of Fictional Islands", where each track is a different part of an imaginary archipelago. luxury elite's second part "Customer Service" is even more streamlined with not only the titles being "thank you for holding" or "your call is very important to us", but even sounding like being on hold in the late eighties or early nineties, distorted in the vaporwave fashion.

Red Army is a bedroom production project by Brooklyn's Dan Kessler, with his third self-released record Church featuring eleven chill electronic jazz tracks of various lenghts. Being lo-fi, experimental and instrumental, they all evaporate that certain nostalgic odour that you can either get lost in or find yourself concentrating on throughout the whole play time. Reminding a bit of the playful rigour of early Tortoise records the later, shorter tracks can get a bit repetitive, but I find myself coming back to this record again and again.

Eaves finally is a seventeen year old newcomer from L.A. trying to follow in the big footsteps of Gold Panda, as it seems. His second EP You is out on PH2 Records now and he does such a good job juggling changing beats and warm piano patterns that I can't help but draw a line to the master himself. Maybe he stays a little too close to GP sometimes, but he is courageous enough to shift gears, to incorporate some hip hop at one point and to glitchingly bleep your ears into oblivion in the end.

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